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Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Calendar 2018-2019 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Combined Honours in Cognitive Science of Language and Another Subject (B.A.)


Completion of any Level I program and a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including an average of at least 5.0 in LINGUIST 1A03 , 1AA3  and PSYCH 1F03  or 1X03 .


  1. Students must include LINGUIST 2D03  in Level II or III of their program in order to take any Level IV seminars in Linguistics. Students who are registered in the Combined Honours Cognitive Science of Language and Communication Studies program will substitute 3 units of elective work for LINGUIST 2D03  in view of their completion of CMST 2TM6  (formerly CMST 2A03 and 2B03) Such students should consult with the Undergraduate Advisor for Linguistics to ensure access to Level IV courses.
  2. Students should be aware that, PSYCH 1XX3  requires either Grade 12 Biology U or BIOLOGY 1P03  as a prerequisite. Please note, however, that students can complete BIOLOGY 1P03 , and PSYCH 1XX3 , 2H03  in their second year of studies.
  3. At some time during the program, students must meet a laboratory requirement by completing one course from Course List 1 below.
  4. Students are not permitted to combine this program with the Combined Honours in Linguistics or Combined Honours in Psychology programs.
  5. Students registered in Level IV of any Honours or Combined Honours program in Linguistics or Cognitive Science of Language with a Grade Point Average of at least 9.0 may apply to register in the Honours Thesis course (LINGUIST 4Y06 A/B ) where they would conduct an individual research project under the supervision of a faculty member.


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which 48 units may be Level I