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Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Calendar 2019-2020 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Interdisciplinary Minor in Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is an international, multidisciplinary field devoted to the study of Judaism, Jewish history, thought, culture and community. The Minor in Jewish Studies is open to all students registered in a four- or five-level program in any Faculty. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 24 units from the lists below. At least 12 of these units will be taken from List A, comprised of courses focusing directly on an area of Jewish Studies. Students are urged to take at least six units of Hebrew language as part of their List A requirements. A minimum of six units will be taken from List B, comprised of courses which provide crucial background for understanding important issues in Jewish Studies. Students are also encouraged to engage in a year of study in Israel, normally done in the third year of a four-year program. Details are available through the Department of Religious Studies, University Hall, Room 123, ext. 23109, or the Office of International Affairs, Alumni Memorial Hall, Room 203.

Students wishing to pursue a Minor in Jewish Studies may obtain more information from the Jewish Studies Minor Area Coordinator in the Department of Religious Studies, University Hall, Room 123.


Please see the Course Listings  section for a detailed description of the above courses.