Nov 29, 2021  
Undergraduate Calendar 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Calendar 2020-2021

Honours Neuroscience (B.Sc.)

Program offered jointly by the Departments of Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour.


Enrolment in this program is limited and possession of the published minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Selection is based on academic achievement but requires, as a minimum, completion of any Level I program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including:

Program Notes

  1. This program is jointly administered by Biology and Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour; students may seek academic advising from either Department.
  2. While completion in Level I is recommended, the following courses must be complete by the end of Level II:
  3. Advanced courses in Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medical Physics, Molecular Biology and Physics may be considered as units towards Course Lists 2, 3 or 4 by petition to the Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour or Biology Undergraduate Chair.
  4. PNB 2XB3  and NEUROSCI 2XN0 A/B  must be completed in Level II.
  5. PNB 3XE3  serves as an appropriate substitute for STATS 2B03 .


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which no more than 48 units may be Level I

Level I: 30 Units

30 units

(See Admission above.)

Level II: 30 Units

Level III: 30 Units

Level IV: 30 Units

3 units


  • Course List 2 (See Program Note 3 above.)

3 units


  • Course List 3 (See Program Note 3 above.)

3 units


  • Course List 4 (See Program Note 3 above.)

6 units from Course Lists 2, 3, 4 and one of

6 units

  • Electives