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Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Mechanical Engineering and Society, Mechanical Engineering and Society Co-op (B.Eng.Society)

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Admission to Level II Engineering Programs

Admission to Level II Engineering programs requires completion of all 31 units of required Engineering I courses. Students must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0. All programs have limited enrolment; should there be more applicants than the limiting number in any program, admission to that program will be based on the student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Admission to a B.Eng. Management program is competitive and will be based on cumulative Grade Point Average . Students are required to complete ECON 1B03 - Introductory Microeconomics  with a minimum grade of 5.0.  

Students admitted to a B.Eng.Society program are required to submit a statement indicating the educational objectives for the focus electives.

Students seeking admission to the Engineering and Management program, or the Engineering and Society program must first be admitted to the relevant department. Thereafter, they will be considered for admission to one of these two programs.


  1. Level IV and Level V Mechanical Engineering and Society students must choose one of the following option areas and complete sufficient units of the listed required courses and technical electives.
  3. As well as completing the academic requirements as specified in this Calendar, students in a Co-op program must complete ENGINEER 1EE0 . ENGINEER 2EC0  will be added to the academic record for each 4 month work term.
  4. A minimum of 18 units of focus elective courses is required for the program. (This does not include the six units of complementary studies elective in Level I.)


Level II: 37 Units

Level III: 38 Units

Level IV: 38 Units

Level V: 30-37 Units

12-13 units

  •  Program option courses or approved technical electives
    (See Note 1 above.)

3-9 units

  • Engineering and Society focus electives

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