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Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.)

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Admission Notes

  1. Students who did not complete Grade 12 Chemistry U must complete CHEM 1R03  in Level I. Given this course is considered elective, an additional three units from the Science I Course List must be completed. CHEM 1A03  must be completed by the end of Level II.
  2. One of PHYSICS 1A03  or 1C03  must be completed prior to graduation. Completion by the end of Level II is recommended. Students who did not complete Grade 12 Physics U must register in PHYSICS 1A03 .


Completion of any Level I program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including:

Program Notes

  1. Earth and Environmental Sciences at McMaster encompass five major themes: Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Hydrology and Climate, Environmental Policy, GIS and Spatial Analysis. It should be noted that each thematic area has its own sequence of courses and prerequisites (See the Course Listings section of this Calendar). Students may elect to take some or all of the upper level courses from different areas. In addition, there is a set of courses encompassing research design, field work, internships, and the senior thesis or review paper. 


    EARTHSC 3CC3 4CC3 , 4N03, ENVIRSC 2Q03 , 3O03 


    EARTHSC 2E03 , 2FE3 , 2G03 2K03 , 2T03 , 3E03 , 3K03 , 3P03 3V03 3Z03 , 4G03 , 4PA3 , 4T03 , 4V03 , 4VV3, ENVSOCTY 3SR3 


    EARTHSC 3CC3 , 3W03 , 4CC3 , 4WB3 , ENVIRSC 2B03 , 2C03 , 2W03 , 3B03 4BB3 , 4C03 , 4W03 


    ENVIRSC 4EA3 ENVSOCTY 2EI3 , 2EK3 , 3EC3 , 3EE3 , 3EG3 , 4ET3 , 4HH3 


    ENVSOCTY 2GI3 , 3GI3 , 3GV3 , 3SR3 , 4GA3 , 4GS3 , 4GT3 , 4SR3 

  2. Students aiming to meet the academic requirements for professional registration of Geoscientists (PGeo) in Ontario can find additional information on these requirements on the website: https://www.science.mcmaster.ca/geo/undergraduate/undergrad-welcome.html. Students are encouraged to consult with the academic program advisor in the School of Earth, Environment & Society to ensure proper selection of courses for professional registration. The Honours programs offered by the School of Earth, Environment & Society may not fulfill professional registration requirements.

  3. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with the academic program advisor in the School of Earth, Environment & Society to discuss program requirements and course selections.

  4. There are Level III prerequisites for many Level IV courses. The prerequisites should be considered when selecting your courses.
  5. The field components of EARTHSC 2FE3  and 3FE3 , are normally taken outside of the normal term. Details are announced in December (EARTHSC 2FE3 ) or March (EARTHSC 3FE3 ).
  6. A Minor in Earth Sciences, Environment & Society, Environmental Sciences or Geography and Earth Sciences is not permitted in the Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences program. However, Minors in Environmental Studies, Geographic Information Systems and Geography are permitted.
  7. In order to meet the Compulsory Foundation Science and Geoscience requirements for the Professional Geoscientist Certification, completion of the following courses is required: CHEM 1A03 , EARTHSC 2E03 , 2K03 , 3FE3 , 3Z03 , MATH 1A03  or 1LS3 , and PHYSICS 1A03  or 1C03 . Additional requirements are posted on the website https://www.science.mcmaster.ca/geo/images/documents/APGO_Environmental_Geoscience_Stream.pdf.
  8. ENVSOCTY 3MB3  (or GEOG 3MB3, EARTHSC 3MB3 or ENVIRSC 3MB3) or STATS 2B03  must be completed by the end of Level III. 

Course List 2


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which no more than 48 units may be Level I

Requirements For Students Who Entered Prior to September 2022

120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which no more than 48 units may be Level I

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