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Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Calendar 2022-2023 [-ARCHIVED CALENDAR-]

Honours Life Sciences - Sensory Motor Systems Specialization (B.Sc.)

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Admission Notes

  1. Completion of BIOLOGY 1M03 CHEM 1AA3  and either PSYCH 1FF3  or 1XX3  is strongly recommended as they serve as prerequisites for required courses in Levels II and III.
  2. Completion of CHEM 1AA3  is required by the end of Level II. Completion in Level I is strongly recommended.


Enrolment in this program is limited and possession of the published minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Selection is based on academic achievement, but requires, as a minimum, completion of any Level I program with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.0 including:

Program Notes

  1. Registration in an Honours Life Sciences program does not guarantee access to all courses. Some courses have program restrictions. Students are advised to check prerequisites carefully.
  2. Students interested in completing a thesis or independent study course should consider completing LIFESCI 3RP3  in Level III.
  3. Students interested in graduate school may wish to consider completion of a thesis or independent study course (See LIFESCI 4A03 , 4B09 A/B S , 4C12 A/B S , 4D15 A/B S ). 
  4. LIFESCI 2G03  does not substitute for BIOLOGY 2C03  or MOLBIOL 2C03  for prerequisite purposes.
  5. This program does not have a Co-op option.
  6. Course planning is extremely important. Students must review and consider the requisites on Level II, III and IV courses when enrolling in the previous Levels.
  7. Students in the Honours Life Sciences - Sensory Motor Systems Specialization are excluded from the pre-registration ballot process as LIFESCI 4XX3  is a program requirement and registration is guaranteed.
  8. For students entering the program as of September 2020, CHEM 1AA3  must be completed by the end of Level II. Completion in Level I is strongly recommended.
  9. SUSTAIN 3SS3  is only offered in the Spring Term.

Life Sciences Course List

Astronomy ASTRON 2B03  
Biochemistry Levels II, III, IV*
Biology Levels II, III, IV*
Biophysics BIOPHYS 2A03 , 2S03 , 3D03 , 3G03  
Chemistry CHEM 2BC3 , 2E03 , 2OA3 , 2OB3 , 2P03 , 3RC3  
Chemical Biology CHEMBIO 2A03 , 2P03 , 3BM3 , 3OA3 , 4OA3 , 4OB3  
Data Science DATASCI 2G03  
Earth Sciences EARTHSC 2E03 3P03 4PA3  
Environmental Science ENVIRSC 2E03, 2EI3, 2GI3, 3B03 , 3EE3, 3GI3, 3GV3, 3SR3, 4HH3 
Environment & Society ENVSOCTY 2EI3 , 2GI3 2HI3 , 2UI3 , 3EC3 , 3EE3 , 3ER3 , 3GI3 , 3GV3 , 3HP3 , 3SR3 , 3UP3 , 4HH3  
Explore EXPLORE 3IS3  
Geography GEOG 2EI3, 2GI3, 2HI3, 2UI3, 3EC3, 3EE3, 3ER3, 3GI3, 3GV3, 3HP3, 3SR3, 3UP3, 4HH3 
Health Sciences HTHSCI 2G03 , 3DD3, 3DD6 A/B , 3I03 , 3K03 , 3RS3 3DM3 , 4II3 , 4O03  
Kinesiology KINESIOL 2YY3  
Life Sciences Levels II, III, IV*
Mathematics MATH 2UU3 , 3MB3  
Medical Physics MEDPHYS 4B03 , 4F03 , 4U03  
Medical Radiation Sciences MEDRADSC 3X03  
Molecular Biology Levels III, IV*
Neuroscience NEUROSCI 3J03 , 3SN3  
Physics PHYSICS 2G03 
Psychology PSYCH Levels II, III, IV*
Science Levels II, III*
Science Communication SCICOMM 2A03 , 2M03 2NM3  

*All Levels II, III, IV courses for which the prerequisites have been met are acceptable.


120 units total (Levels I to IV), of which no more than 48 units may be Level I

Level I: 30 Units

30 units

(See Admission above)

Levels II-IV: 90 Units

0-3 units

12 units


  • Life Sciences Course List

21-36 units

  • Electives


Students who entered the program prior to September 2020 may refer to their Academic Advisement report or contact an Academic Advisor in the Office of the Associate Dean of Science (Academic) for program requirements.

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